Microsoft Word 101 & Word 102

Would you like to learn how to use Microsoft Word with an instructor who teaches at a slow pace and small class setting? Then look no further and register online on our Upcoming Events link on this page or sign up at anyone of our 6 libraries within the Auglaize County Library System. Why pay for a class when you can attend one at your local library for FREE! 

Once Upon a Time

The phrase “Once upon a time” is one of the most magical phrases ever written. Its words have the power to grab our attention and keep us eagerly waiting for more. These words open doors to fairy tales full of adventures, romance, everlasting friendships, tragedy, betrayal, hope, and much more. They teach us problem solving, virtues, and hope.

But don’t let the “Disneyfied" version of such tales be the only version you or your children read and remember.